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Our tri-blend shirts are made with US grown organic cotton, sustainably harvested tree root, and SIX RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES per shirt!! These fibers combine to create a soft, flexible, and smooth fabric which looks good and holds a great print.
The printing takes place in our Studio with our proprietary CRYSTAL-INFUSED INKS, which are durable and soft to the touch. The mask is topped with invisible glow-in-the-dark UV-Activated ink.


> Unisex Sizing
> Refined Fashion Fit
> Taped Shoulder
> Tapered Sleeve
> Shipped in ecofriendly reusable recyclable packaging

The Aztlan Mask is replicated from an actual Artifact discovered in Jalisco Mexico.  More on these real-life ancient carvings can be found at

Each shirt is produced in the highest energetic integrity at Twistedsage Studios.  They shirts are activated, and bring through only beneficial energies for all.  We have seen these shirts energetically clean and clear the wearer, and offer a layer of protection and healing.

The crystalline inks are created with feldspar of the Black Hills of South Dakota, which consists of tourmaline, mica, various quartz, garnet, lepidolite, and other silicas.  This is a beautiful and high vibration combination of minerals.

**Shirts run a half to a full size small.  We suggest going up in size by one full shirt size.

*** LIMITED RUN created at this time.  Once the size is sold-out, it will be a few weeks until more are printed!!  Sign up for our newsletter, and we will let you know when they are back in stock again!!!

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